Rebranding of Guitar Hero

The Guitar Hero franchise has become a cultural phenomenon and huge success for parent company Activision, with total revenue topping $2.9 billion. What started off initially as a guitar game, with the original logo conveying an edgy rock feel, has since branched out into several other areas such as DJ Hero and Band Hero. With this came a need to rebrand the overall identity to help represent the array of different products within the franchise. The result has been a subtle update on the logo type that better suits the overall brand.

Before and after images of Guitar Hero logo

There's a great article from design firm Pentagram that talks about their approach and the redesign process.

There's also an interesting article on the founders of Guitar Hero entitled "Harmonix: How 'horrendous failure' led to Rock Band." It talks about their passion for music, the many hardships and failures they had to overcome before becoming successful, and working with The Beatles on their newest project The Beatles: Rock Band. The Beatles are notoriously slow to work with on projects (they're one of the last major artists still holding out on a deal with iTunes) and it's fascinating to read about their collaboration and attention to detail on this project.