The Conan O'Brien Brand with special guest Twitter

Photo of Conan O'Brien

If you were one of the lucky fans who scored tickets to Conan O'Brien's upcoming sold out tour, you were probably following him on Twitter, or heard about it from someone who did. How do I know? Because the only advertising was through a post by Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) on his Twitter account. No other form of traditional advertising was done, and within a few hours after his post, most of the dates had already sold out.

With less than a month since joining Twitter, Conan has already amassed more than 734,000+ loyal followers. Since then, he has been actively engaged with his audience, providing everything from jokes to personal photos online. Conan illustrates a great example of how brands can successfully engage and leverage their audience online. Many brands or businesses think they need to have a Twitter account, but fail to use it in an effective matter. To be successful on Twitter, brands need to engage with their audience and offer compelling reasons for them to continue following them. Dues to his existing fan base, Conan has been able to successfully do this in just a short amount of time. It illustrates what is possible when social media tools such as Twitter are used effectively. If you're a small or large brand, there's no reason why your brand can't do the same.

American Express, who is sponsoring Conan's shows, is also using Twitter as a platform to generate more publicity and word of mouth advertising. Fans can win the chance to meet Conan by first following him on Twitter and then tweeting the following:

Hey @americanexpress I want to be with Coco in (insert city from list below). Pick me! #amexConan

Reported cost for NBC to let Conan go? $45 million

Cost to advertise his sold out tour? $0

For everything else there's Master...wait, my bad. This tour is sponsored by American Express. Don't leave home without it.

Photo of Conan O'Brien