Futura and Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is an American indie band from New York (sorry to disappoint you Twilight fans). One thing that I've noticed with this band is the consistent look and branding that they use with the font Futura. It's instantly recognizable, bold and striking. The majority of their album covers use it:

Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend  Contra
Vampire Weekend  Oxford Comma

Their website uses Futura:

Vampire Weekend Website

They brand their touring equipment with Futura:

Vampire Weekend Touring Gear

They even sing about it in their song Holiday off the album Contra: "She'd never seen the word bombs blown-up to 96 point Futura."

Futura has actually been used quite extensively and was first created by German type designer Paul Renner. It's also been frequently used by director Wes Anderson, known for The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic and most recently Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The members of Vampire Weekend met while attending Columbia University, so they've got some brains. I'm sure their branding is by no means coincidental and it's nice to see a band doing something like this.