Is it time to start thinking about Microsoft's Bing? / by Mike Takahashi

Bing logo

There's been a lot of buzz recently about Microsoft's Bing search engine. A year ago Microsoft and Yahoo signed a deal that would make Bing power Yahoo's searches.  With the integration now complete, Bing and Yahoo combined make up approximately 28% of the U.S. search engine market. Bing has also recently surpassed Yahoo to become the #2 search engine behind Google, which still leads with 65% of all U.S. searches.

Now there is growing concern that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should no longer be aimed only at Google. Traditionally, web designers and developers only paid close attention to SEO for Google. As Bing continues to gain market share, should you be concerned? Google co-founder Sergey Brin reportedly is...

[Updated on 10/18]Facebook and Microsoft announced that they will be partnering in search. "Among the new features that Microsoft will launch today are Facebook results for name queries (4% of all queries on Bing are name queries) and personalized results based on what your friends liked on Facebook. Thanks to this, you can now see what restaurants your friends liked on sites like OpenTable, for example, or if your friends liked a certain movie. Microsoft will roll these new feature out later today."