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StumbleUpon was one of those sites that I had always heard about, but never really spent much time looking into, until more recently. A few days ago, I decided to visit their website and was quickly frustrated because I was having a hard time finding out how their service worked.

The first thing that immediately caught my attention was the huge call to action button “Join for Free,” but I didn’t want to join yet! I wanted to know more about StumbleUpon.

UCLA Happenings v1

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After spending more time searching around the page, I finally saw the “See a Demo” link buried within the text at the at the top.

StumbleUpon Demo Link

Then I got to thinking, the homepage should be more engaging and highlight how StumbleUpon works. All it would take is a little tweaking. You could remove the “See a Demo” link from the top and place it on the bottom with a screenshot of the video and even add a quote from the New York Times, which they already show on other pages. Here’s a quick mock-up I threw together in a few minutes.

UCLA Happenings v1

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So here’s my proposal to StumbleUpon: Have you thought about trying a few different design variations like this using A/B testing? You could even use this one (you have my full permission). I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a huge increase in traffic on click-through rates to your demo page.

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  • Natalia April 25th, 2011 9:19 am

    This is a great idea Mike! Your version with the video on the landing page looks much more engaging.


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