Creating a more social event calendar with Facebook and UCLA Happenings / by Mike Takahashi

Screen shot of Happenings Most Recommended feature

About a year ago on Happenings, UCLA's event calendar, we implemented Facebook's "Like" button (we renamed ours "Recommend") for every event to help create a more social and engaging site. It's been a huge source of engagement for our users and is the 5th largest referral source of traffic to our site.

Yesterday, we launched a new feature called "Most Recommended" that takes this one step further.  Users can now see every event that has been recommended in Happenings from the most popular to least popular. It's a truly crowd sourced list, showing popular events happening around UCLA as recommended by our users. Even though it may seem very basic, it's a direction in which the web has been heading towards for some time.

Bing has already integrated Facebook's "Likes" within its search results  and Google with +1.  As the web continues to evolve and integrate closely with social, we'll see even more extremely personalized and targeted recommendations for everything from social connections, product recommendations, news and information. We've just begun to scratch the surface.