It's time for Samsung to "Think Different" and stop copying Apple

Strike three for Samsung. Did they just copy Apple again? This time it's not a phone or a tablet, but a commercial called "The Way We're Wired" for its new Galaxy S II phone. They must have run out of devices to copy. The video looks frightening similar to Apple's famous "Think Different" commercial, right down to the narrator's voice (Apple used Richard Dreyfuss). You be the judge and compare.

The Way We're Wired

Think Different

Samsung has already been sued by Apple for copying the look and feel of it's iPhone and iPad.  The two items in question by Samsung were the Galaxy S 4G and Galaxy Tab as shown below.

iPhone 3G vs Galaxy S 4G
iPad vs Galaxy Tab

Apparently imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Here's to the ones who copy...