Social Media Governance / by Mike Takahashi

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A big challenge at UCLA is the oversight of hundreds of different social media accounts for departments and organizations. As the Associate Director of Digital Marketing, one of my roles is to oversee UCLA’s main institutional social media channels. Like many universities, UCLA is a highly decentralized environment. Each department or organization has their own IT infrastructure, web team and social media presence. Anyone can create a website or social media account. (If you work in higher education you’ll know the feeling).

This past week we finally launched a website that outlines social media guidelines for the campus. It’s something UCLA has needed, and was created to provide support and guidance for departments and organizations in the management of their social media channels and activity online. When developing the website, we looked at existing universities and major brands for influence and inspiration and worked closely with our campus counsel and IT policy director.

These guidelines are a key component of social media governance at UCLA. We’ve also established a campus-wide social media group (with over 190 members and growing) which helps provide oversight, but more importantly collaboration. We have an active online discussion list and hold user meetings to share best practices and case studies on social media use at UCLA. We’ve also had a panel discussion on how UCLA students use social media in their academic and personal lives.

By providing these resources our goal is to help develop and support a community around social media at UCLA. We’ve received enormous amounts of support and positive feedback. As social media continues to grow and evolve, these resources will be key to sustaining a successful social media governance model at UCLA. We’re taking it one step at a time.