The design of restaurant menus / by Mike Takahashi

IHOP Menu Items

Restaurant menus can be long and difficult to navigate, especially when too many choices are offered. The menu is seen as one of the most important representations of the brand.  At IHOP, executives were confronted with a challenge.

“We clearly knew that improving and optimizing our menu was priority number one."

The Atlantic has a great piece on the process IHOP undertook redesigning the restaurant's menu. Since its release, sales have been up 3.6%.

"In the summer of 2012, Franco and her team began a strategic overhaul of the IHOP menu. Informing their work was not just in-person focus groups, web-based market research, and analyses of in-store food sales. The team also relied on eye-tracking studies that would help its members consider how human attention interacts with the physical object of the menu. It conducted T.U.R.F. analysis to test menu items. It considered the interaction of graphics and photographs, of text and white space, of colors cool and warm."