A look at how popular websites update your email address

Recently I had to update my email on websites that I regularly use. As I began the process, I quickly discovered how insecure some them were. On websites such as Bank of America, Citi and Foursquare, it was frighteningly simple to change my email address with very little security or confirmation.  While others such as Ebay, Facebook and Twitter had some of the best security combining confirmation links sent to the new email address, unique security codes and a confirmation box to re-enter your password even though you are logged in.

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Should you use infinite scroll instead of pagination to load more content?

Recently I've been noticing more high profile sites implementing a technique known as infinite scroll or a "load more" type button for pagination.  Instead of using the more traditional approach like "<< Prev   1  2  3   Next >>", this technique continuously loads more content as the user scrolls down a web page or selects an action button such as "more." Let's take a look at a few sites that implement this technique.

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