Case study: How UCLA became a trending topic on Twitter during Commencement

In May of 2011, UCLA Marketing & Special Events was approached to help create a more engaging and dynamic Commencement experience online through the use of social media. With only a few short weeks to make this happen, we began to think strategically about what opportunities and tools existed given our limited time and resources.

Through a combination of social media integration on the web via widgets from Facebook and Twitter, an official Twitter hashtag, real-time updates on Twitter the day of Commencement, and more traditional avenues such as a takeover page on the main UCLA homepage, we were able to successfully create a more social and engaging Commencement experience for UCLA. The end result - UCLA became a trending topic on Twitter.

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The Conan O'Brien Brand with special guest Twitter

If you were one of the lucky fans who scored tickets to Conan O'Brien's upcoming sold out tour, you were probably following him on Twitter, or heard about it from someone who did. How do I know? Because the only advertising was through a post by Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) on his Twitter account. No other form of traditional advertising was done, and within a few hours after his post, most of the dates had already sold out.

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The Power of real-time search with Twitter

Let's stop a second and think about how we search for information on the internet for things like events. Most of you will probably use Google, or maybe Bing if you're a rebel? But the information you're searching for has probably already happened sometime in the past and it's eventually picked up by search engines. Even this blog post probably won't be picked up by Google for a while.

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